Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lake Placid vs. Jaws birthday party!

Growing up, my sister and I couldn't like the normal types of animals like puppies, kittens and bunnies. My favorite animals were alligators and crocodiles, and hers are sharks. (My poor mom...). So this year, even though I am in my mid to late 20's and she is slightly over 30, we decided to have a joint gator and shark  birthday party! The decorations turned out cute, and the food was perfect for the occasion! Here are some pictures of the party food and decor! (Recipes to come).

("Seaweed Balls" - Spinach Cheddar Balls, "Bone Slices, Cast of Swamp People" - Sausage wrapped in puff pastry)

 ("Bird Eggs" - Deconstructed Deviled Eggs, "Swamp Dip" - Spinach Artichoke Dip)

 ("Sushi" - Ham roll-ups, "Catch of the day dip" - Shrimp Dip)

 (In the 3 section warmer is "Chum" - shredded BBQ chicken, and "Human Remains" - Hawaiian cocktail weenies with pineapple and cherries)

 ("Ocean Waves Cake" - white cake with buttercream frosting and strawberry filling,
"Swamp Cake" - chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream frosting.
Bottom right is my sister and I (I am the one on the right) blowing out our birthday candles)

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