Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hot and Cheesy Over Easy


2 eggs
Frank's Red hot sauce, Original
2 Tbs. Sargento shredded cheese, reduced fat

Heat a flat skillet to medium heat. Spray with non stick cooking spray. Sprinkle the top of the eggs with salt and fresh cracked pepper. Add a few dashes of hot sauce and evenly sprinkle the cheese. Flip the eggs over after cooking for about a minute. Cook for at least 1 minute, until the whites are fully cooked and no longer runny. Flip the eggs back over, and transfer to your plate. The cheese should be nice and crunchy. Serve with your favorite toast!

(Makes 1 serving, 5 WW points. With 2 slices of Taystee white bread with spray butter, 8 WW points)

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