Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mint Iced Coffee

 I love coffee. I usually hate mint. When you use the fresh mint simple syrup recipe however, it tastes like a totally non artificial kind of mint flavor that I absolutely love. This mint flavored ice coffee is cheap to make and just as good as any coffee store that you would pay almost $4 for!


2 tsp. homemade Mint Simple Syrup
8 oz. strong brewed coffee, refrigerated overnight
1 c. Ice Cubes
1/8 c. milk, 1%

To make this, pour the coffee that has been refrigerated into a glass full of ice. Add in the mint simple syrup, and then the milk on top. Stir together and top with a mint! This takes about 2 minutes or less to put together if you brew the coffee the night before, along with the homemade syrup.

 (This recipes makes 1 drink, and is 2 WW points.)

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