Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Eggs, the edible kind!

Many people dye Easter Eggs, as in the hollowed out shells, on a yearly basis. They usually end up looking really pretty, however, why not dye some that you can actually eat?! This recipe to make dyed Easter eggs (devilish ones....) bring some color to your table and taste delicious!


12 Hard Boiled Eggs
Various colors of liquid food dye
4 tsp. white vinegar

Peel your hard boiled eggs, rinse them to make sure there is no remaining shell, and set aside. I decided to do four different colors. To each bowl, I added 1 tsp. white vinegar, about 2 cups water, 1 drop food coloring, and two hard boiled eggs, peeled and whole. Let them soak for about 15 minutes, turning over half way through to let the other side soak in the color. After 15 minutes, cut each egg in half and scoop out the yolk into a small bowl. Place the egg halves back into the same color, cut side down for five minutes.

Meanwhile make the filling for your deviled eggs. To mine I added the yolk, 1 Tbs. yellow mustard, 1 Tbs. course ground mustard, and about 1/4 c. light Miracle Whip and mixed in a food processor until the filling was smooth (you can add more Miracle Whip or mustard depending on how thick you want the filling). Add the mixture to a piping bag with your tip of choice (or you can spoon this to make things easier).

Line a paper towel, folded over in half, on a flat work surface. Take out the egg halves and let the vinegar water drain slightly before filling. Pipe the filling into the center of each egg and place on your serving platter. Colors will vary depending on how much dye you use, how dark the dye is, and how long you let the eggs sit.

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