Friday, May 6, 2016

Green Chile Cheese Sauce

This cheese sauce has a slight kick to it, but is still pretty mild altogether. It goes great with curly fries (as you can see in the above picture), but you could also use it as a veggie dip, chip dip, a sauce for a burger, to eat with a spoon? It would probably be great on everything to be honest. It is very easy to make your own at home, and you know exactly what ingredients are being put into it. And if you use reduced fat cheese and milk, it isn't terrible for you either.


2 Tbs. flour
2 Tbs. butter
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. fresh cracked pepper
1 c. milk, 1% (plus 1 Tablespoon)
3/4 c. grated reduced fat mild cheddar cheese
1 small can green chiles, drained
2 Tbs. Frank's Chile and Lime Hot Sauce (or regular hot sauce and 1/2 tsp. lime juice)
1/4 c. diced cherry tomatoes
*Optional, fresh chopped cilantro

In a small saucepan, whisk the butter, flour, pepper and salt together over medium heat until the butter starts to slightly bubble. Gradually whisk in the 1 cup of milk, and continue to whisk until it starts to thicken (about 2-3 minutes).

Add the grated cheese, green chiles, Frank's hot sauce and the remaining 1 tablespoon of milk and half of the tomatoes and stir everything together until creamy. I topped mine with the remaining diced tomatoes and some fresh cilantro.

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