Monday, May 8, 2017

Cotton Candy Pop

When my nieces and nephew were up visiting from Texas this past winter, we tried finding things for them to do to keep busy. Since we have been in-between houses in a rental, the kitchen is tiny compared to what I am used to and a really weird layout. Trying to get a meal done with a large quantity of people running around the room gets intense, so this was a perfect way to distract the kids, yet still make them feel like they were being included. Now, you will notice we had orange and blue cotton candy, which of course combine together made a nice shade of brown to which everyone did. I re-made them using just blue raspberry cotton candy for a , let's say, "prettier" version. This is definitely a fun experiment to do with kids!


Cotton Candy
Sprite (or any clear pop)

This easy recipe involves only two steps. Pour the pop into a glass, and add in cotton candy. When the cotton candy is added it starts fizzing and dissolving, disappearing into the pop and changing the color and taste. Super easy, and fun for kids to combine flavors!

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