Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Wake me up!" Egg Sandwich

2 eggs, fried and yolks broken and cooked through
4 pieces your choice of bread (I used Oat)
2 Tbs. Miracle Whip, light
2 tsp. mustard, yellow
Frank's red hot sauce
Fresh dill

Cook the bread in the toaster and let cool. Drizzle the sauce (or spread) on the four pieces of toast. Top two pieces with a fried egg (made with non stick cooking spray, not butter). Add a few dashes of Frank's. Sprinkle with larger pieces of fresh dill to get that "bite" and punch of dill flavor. And add the top piece of toast. Great way to kick start the morning!

(Makes 2 sandwiches, 5 WW points each)

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