Friday, August 21, 2015

Turkey Bacon BLT

Everyone loves BLT's. Even me, a person who hates mayonnaise with a passion. This is a lighter version that still has all of the authentic flavors, unless you are like my husband and only eat a BLT if it is minus the lettuce and tomato. So pretty much bacon on bread. Also a great go-to recipe for when you are at camp, have the most random ingredients left in your fridge and need to make a quick dinner....


8 slices of turkey bacon
Miracle Whip, light
Tomato, sliced thin
Romaine lettuce, chopped into large pieces
4 slices of bread (white, rye, wheat, whichever you prefer. I used potato)

Heat a large grill pan to medium high heat and lay out the turkey bacon in an even layer. Let cook 3-4 minutes and when you can see the color change and grill marks, flip over and continue to cook for another 3-4 minutes. Lay each slice of bread out and spread with a thin layer of light Miracle Whip. Place four slices of bacon on top of each piece of bread. Break in half if you have smaller slices of bread so that they fit. Layer with tomato slices, romaine lettuce and place the top slice of bread Miracle Whip side down (obviously). This really is an easy recipe. The hardest part is cooking the turkey bacon, which isn't hard at all.


Pam said...

I love BLT's. My husband would really like these because you used Miracle Whip.

Rebecca's Amazing Creations said...

They are definitely delicious!